About Me

Hi.  I decided to upgrade this page a bit, because I really loved this picture, and if I had to liken myself to something, it would be this.

I’m 46, a mom, RN, music lover, avid reader, sometimes makeup artist, runner, gym junkie, swimmer, NEW BICYCLIST (added 07/10/17) who has a lot to say but usually doesn’t, laughs more than I should and maybe at things for way too long, exists on far too little sleep for no true reason, and abhors chick flicks and shopping like the plague.

I might not say much at first, but if I become comfortable, I might.  If you have similar personality traits, we’ll chat, and if you make me laugh, you are in for sure.  

There is one really awesome guy who does this all the time.    I see him at work, but he doesn’t “see” me.  Such is life.  You cannot win them all.

Thanks for stopping by.  😊