Microneedle Review

Let me preface this by saying that it most definitely hurt just as I had read that it would.  You know WHY it hurt?  Because I didn’t do this.  I didn’t smile, use a fan brush, and went in dry.  I went in every direction and must have used a little more effort and vigor than I needed, because my bff and her new man came for dinner, and despite all of my efforts and great application, I looked a bit pink and “puffy” throughout the evening.

I had no one to blame but myself for that look.

I do have to admit that I do have stellar skin now, though.  On my face.

Though I have the under chin gibblet thing we tend to acquire as we age… I better roll some more there….

I did apply some of our Limelight Sotoks to my cheeks, chin, forehead, and under my jaw immediately after I was done rolling, and layered it with One Drop Wonder, as the two of these products are not only vegan and organic, but since I knew I had no allergies to them, I was less likely to have an issue, since I had just poked a gazillion holes into my face in the name of vanity and curiosity, as well as collagen.

If you type in the word, “pullulan,” into Bing’s search engine, you will find all kinds of images show up….. right at the top, I found images of mushrooms, polypeptide chains, a ghastly image of an unfortunate woman’s lymphedema, and… Limelight By Alcone’s Sotoks serum, as well as Sotoks and One Drop Wonder.  Pullulan mushroom should not be confused with pullulan algae, of which the latter is used in Sotoks.  Both have similar properties, but the algae source is what is credited in the serum.


A polysaccharide polymer, Pullulan is known to be very effective as a brightener and tightener of skin, and, when applied to clean, dry skin, can help to shrink pores if used regularly.  It is also known to create a smooth surface over which one can apply other mediums (i.e. cosmetics) without affecting the application or method itself.  In personal experience, I know of Sotoks to not have a sticky, grabby feel to the skin, which is great.  (As I also have fairly oily skin, this does not clog my pores, so this is another plus).  From my history of acne and having Lupus, it works rather fast with erasing my flare mask and acne scars.

The other ingredient which is contained in Sotoks, Songyi mushroom, is in the pine mushroom family, and brings a more coconut-like, or woodsy, scent to the serum.  Known also for lightening and brightening, Songyi has been used for centuries in Asia as the safe manner in which to lighten skin without using hydroquinone…..another plus.


One Drop Wonder is another interesting little vial of goodness.  It’s creator, Todd Johnson, cold presses 250 hedgeballs, or Pomifera, into each bottle of One Drop Wonder, or ODW, as we fondly call it.  Backing this amazing serum booster with enough scientific data to market this product single-handedly, ODW has shown amazing work in doing everything from increasing the healing time of a Surgical incision, to dramatically reducing lines and wrinkles, as well as hyperpigmentation, based on usage.

So microneedling my face and putting these two products on immediately afterwards was, for me, a no-brainer.  I cannot wait to see what a week from now looks like.

What other beauty trends is everyone trying these days?



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