This Past Weekend

Was, for lack of a better description, crazy.

Friday night, after completing my day job (which is in the medical field, and I work from home full-time), I attended a Chocolate party at my friend’s house.  I met four new ladies whom I really liked, ate amazing new foods, and then came home, and was too wired to sleep, all the while knowing I needed to prep for my event the next morning.

And, I needed to be up at 4am, and on the road no later than 6am, as this was a cheerleaders event about 2 hours East of my home, 75 miles in one direction at a college campus.

You know what time I went to bed?  1am.

And the time I awoke?  5:15am.

I was out the door at 6:18.  I arrived on campus at 7:42, only 12 minutes later than opening time for my table set up.

I initially thought my location was prime: near the girls’ bathroom, beside the gymnasium…. but I was near a back entrance, behind a closed door, on the back hallway, with the others, who also didn’t do well.

Worst of all, I had forgotten my foundation, Blush, and Eyeshadow palettes at home.  I thought I’d make a shot in the dark and call home.

You know you have an amazing husband and daughter, when they make the drive and bring them to you.

So, here are the take aways when you attend events but nothing goes right:  you find amazing people:

  • You don’t belittle the adolescent male teen who is taking 20 mins on his teammate and attempting to felt line a wing liner; you offer him a wipe off and tell him he’s doing fine;
  • You don’t yell at the pre teen who is drawing “HI” on her hand with your limited-edition eye shadow palette, even though you want to.  You explain the significance of high pigments and excuse her from your table.

I had these two girls lurking for a bit and they kept coming back, asking valid questions.  At one point, the Alpha female asked me if I would “give free makeovers,” and mocked me when I didn’t understand her.  I explained that I was hearing impaired in my left ear.   My line is professional, but reasonable, and I honestly was not there for this service. Then they openly laughed as a learning deficit- challenged male teen was guided past, and I was so disappointed in their behavior.  They saw that I wasn’t laughing, and another, quiet, shy girl had come to the table, and before they could sink their teeth on her, I had sent them on their way.

What a sweet girl she was, such a contrast to the two before her.  So much more appreciation for life and reality.

My take away is this:
Even when you might only have a sale or two, it’s the quality of whom you might meet, rather than what you might receive in monetary payment, that you should consider as your financial gain.  ❤❤❤

Brushes are clean.  It’s with that, that I bid a fond good night.

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