Unveiling Something Tomorrow

That proves to be a serious game changer for anyone over 35.  Using it myself for 3 days, I can tell you, not only is it powerful, it is seriously effective, and a little goes a long way. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1666923570195675?view=permalink&id=1984934008394628 I’ll update tomorrow. ~Lori

Hedge Balls, And A Little Miracle Called One Drop Wonder

I was just cleaning out my emails and came across the following article from last Summer which talks about the amazing little Osage fruit, which is also referred to as a Hedge Ball.  Not knowing what exactly this creation does, I’ve seen it fall from the tree so many times throughout my life, and I […]

Daily Goodie Box – A Frugal Mom’s Review

Who knew about free things?  This blogger right here!   I’m catching up with all things awesome, get ready to find features while I prepare to post something fun of my own: Source: Daily Goodie Box – A Frugal Mom’s Review

Microneedle Review

I didn’t smile, use a fan brush, and went in dry.  I went in every direction and must have used a little more effort and vigor than I needed, because my bff and her new man came for dinner, and despite all of my efforts and great application, I looked a bit pink and “puffy” throughout the evening. 

Soooo Excited

Tomorrow, I start my MUA career. Not just as a “Beauty Guide,” but as a Makeup Artist.  For a Wedding. I’m too excited to sleep.  And yes, that’s my eye from this morning. Going to sleep now.  5am comes too fast… BTW, that’s the LimeLight By Alcone Dream On Palette by MUA Lottie Stannard, aka […]

This Past Weekend

Was, for lack of a better description, crazy. Friday night, after completing my day job (which is in the medical field, and I work from home full-time), I attended a Chocolate party at my friend’s house.  I met four new ladies whom I really liked, ate amazing new foods, and then came home, and was […]

Good Morning!

I ended up doing a Facebook Live this morning, demonstrating a start-to-finish LimeLight By Alcone application for the day.  You can see it here. It is too easy to do them these days; but it seriously helps when you are using Botanical, Vegan products and have nothing to hide.